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Dance Auditions

ApplicantsĀ are considered for Dance placement at Hunter School of the Performing Arts through assessment of audition in a Dance Class.

Please note that the NSW Board of Studies Dance Syllabus is based around a non-style specific system of dance, which is strongly based in the techniques of classical ballet and contemporary dance - this is a mandatory requirement.

Creative problem-solving tasks may be used in the dance workshop to allow students to display their individual versatility.

Dance Class Audition - 90 minutes

The class will be conducted by a panel chaired by at least two members of the Dance staff from Hunter School of the Performing Arts.

Applicants participate in a dance class covering floor work, centre work and progressions.

Applicants will also learn and perform a short dance sequence and a short improvisation. A prepared dance is not required and will not be included as part of the audition process.

Applicants are assessed through:

  • demonstrated dance skills and physical, mental and creative potential in dance
  • movement skills, physicality and imagination
  • self-discipline, concentration, energy and focus, genuine interest and commitment
  • ability to work independently and to work collaboratively in a group situation
  • ability to improvise a short dance sequence in response to a variety of stimuli as an individual
  • ability to improvise a short dance sequence in response to a stimuli as a group member

Suitable Clothing

Students must wear comfortable dancewear, such as a plain-fitted leotard. Hair should be pulled back and performance make-up should not be used. They should be prepared to work in bare feet.

All auditions will occur on tarkett floors. Students should not audition in school uniform and should not wear jewellery during the audition.

Performing Arts Curriculum

If made an offer of placement at our school it is our understanding that you acknowledge and accept our performing arts curriculum.

Each new Year 3 to Year 8 student is required to follow through with his/her auditioned performing arts subject until at least Year 10.

It is the strong expectation that new Year 9 to Year 11 students will follow through with their auditioned performing arts subject until Year 12.