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Reports Semester 1 2020

IMPORTANT NOTE - You will need to log in to a STUDENT Canvas account to view Canvas links in reports. It is recommended that you review reports with your student on their BYOD. We are working on an upgrade which will allow you to view links via parent account for semester 2.

Reporting to parents in 2020

Given the informative feedback provided by teachers on Canvas throughout the year, we are incorporating this data into reports, in an easy to access format for parents. 

General information about reports:

  • Reports will still be delivered by the Sentral Reporting system, accessible via the Sentral Parent portal.
  • In line with our commitment to provide outstanding communication of student progress all year round, and in an effort to consolidate learning teams (Student/Parent/Teacher) - all information provided in the report, plus much more is available to parents 24/7, every day of the school year.
  • Reports will still contain information regarding student's development of social and learning skills during each semester.
  • Outcomes are beginning to be reported on in a Mastery format, via Canvas. This means parents and students will be able to see where they are placed with regard to competency/mastery, in every course outcome, at any time, through every stage. 
  • Sentral report comments will begin to include links to specific Canvas pages. These pages are selected to provide comprehensive feedback on student learning, combined with explicit strategies for improvement.
  • The reports are evolving gradually. Some subjects will utilise traditional methods of reporting, while others will begin incorporating Canvas data from Term 2 2020.
  • An enhanced ‘school reference’ system has been introduced to supplement the reporting process. Students from Y9 onwards will be able to request a personalised school reference at any time. This will provide excellent, formal acknowledgement of employability skills on a school letterhead, for use when applying for part-time employment. To apply for a school reference, students must click the ‘School Reference’ button on their Canvas year group page and complete the online form at least 4 weeks prior to requiring the reference.
  • Before reading reports, it is recommended that you first log in to your student's Canvas account.
  • Instructions for using the new reporting system are provided in the video tutorials and infograph below. Please refer to these prior to reading Semester 1 reports, to ensure you are able to access all feedback provided.