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Principal's message for prospective families


Dear Families,

Thank you for taking an interest in Hunter School of the Performing Arts.

HSPA is committed to providing a nurturing environment where the performing arts are a gateway to intellectual, human, social, and career development, ensuring a culturally safe and enriching atmosphere for lifelong creative and collaborative pursuits. 

Through a holistic approach that intertwines the arts with academic rigor, we aim to cultivate in every learner a strong sense of self-worth, personal initiative, cultural awareness, physical well-being, and social responsibility.

Our curriculum is designed to inspire an appreciation of the arts, an understanding of our rich cultural heritage, and a recognition of the importance of health and social ethics.

At HSPA, we believe in creating a supportive and challenging educational experience that nurtures outstanding individuals ready to contribute positively to society as thoughtful citizens, innovative artists, and visionary leaders.

HSPA is a highly sought-after school resulting in demand for places significantly exceeding supply. Our audition processes are set out clearly in the following pages, so your child has every chance at success.

For those fortunate enough to receive an enrolment offer at HSPA, accepting a position signifies a firm commitment to our core values: Respect, Responsibility, and Engagement. We maintain high expectations that all community members will continually strive to reach their personal best in every area, while also showing consistent dedication to self-respect and respect for others. We encourage every member of our school to embody these values as we work together to ‘preform at our best’.

We trust that you will enjoy learning more about HSPA and the unique opportunities offered at the only fully selective performing arts school in the State.

We look forward to welcoming your families to our wonderful school. 


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