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Dance Auditions

Students will be considered for a Dance placement at Hunter School of the Performing Arts through assessment of audition that includes a video submission and a dance master class. Students should be aware that the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Dance Syllabus is based around a non-style specific system of dance, which is strongly based in the techniques of classical ballet and contemporary dance, and as such the dance master class will focus on these skills. Audition videos may be of any style of dance. Creative problem-solving tasks may be applied during the dance workshop to allow students to display their individual versatility.

Audition Process

Part 1: Individual Audition 
Years 3-11 - Video

Students are to submit a video of no more than three (3) minutes duration of an individual solo piece by the due date using the instructions provided in Live Audition Notification correspondence. This video can be in any style of dance but must be a solo performance and not a group routine. The performance may be from a class rehearsal, recorded show or eisteddfod (must be from the last 3 months) or may be recorded at home or in a studio. Your individual audition will be used to support the live audition. This will be marked in conjunction with the live audition.

Part 2: Group Master Class (90 minutes)
Years 3-11 - Live

The group master class will be conducted by a panel chaired by at least two members of the Dance staff from Hunter School of the Performing Arts.

Students will participate in a dance class, which will include floor work, centre work and progressions. It will also involve learning and performing a short dance sequence, a short improvisation and a short group composition. A prepared dance is not required and will not be included as part of the live audition process.

Students will be assessed through a variety of skills in the audition. These include:

  • Demonstrating a range of body skills which vary in complexity
  • Coordination, strength, control, body articulation and alignment
  • Sequencing of movement phrases
  • Use of performance quality including interpretation, musicality, projection, focus; kinesthetic awareness and dynamics
  • Ability to improvise, compose and perform in response to a variety of stimuli
  • Physical, mental and creative potential in dance
  • Self-discipline, collaboration and commitment to work independently and cooperatively as part of a group and as an individual

Students are required to wear comfortable appropriate dancewear, including a plain-fitted leotard and dance stockings. Students may wear tights or bike pants over their leotard for the audition. Hair should be pulled back and performance make-up should not be worn. They should be prepared to work in bare feet. All auditions will occur on tarkett floors. Students should not audition in school uniform and should not wear jewellery during the audition.

Changes to Process
Changes may occur to the audition process above dependent upon circumstances out of our control at the time of auditions. Changes could include, but are not limited to, video submission and/or online live components. If and when required, details of changes will be communicated to applicants.

Performing Arts Curriculum Agreement

Upon accepting an offer of enrolment at our school, you acknowledge and accept our performing arts curriculum. Each new student in Years 3-8 is required to continue with their auditioned performing arts subject until Year 10, unless they successfully complete a change of line audition after two consecutive years of enrolment at HSPA. Students in Years 9-11 are expected to continue with their auditioned performing arts subject until Year 12. Students in Years 8-12 have the opportunity to study more than one performing arts subject. All students are expected to fully engage with ensemble and performing arts opportunities. Students not actively taking advantage of the performance and ensemble opportunities offered at HSPA may be required to seek enrolment at their local school, as their position at HSPA could be offered to students on our waiting list.