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Music Auditions

Students will be considered for a Music placement at Hunter School of the Performing Arts through assessment of audition that includes an individual video submission and a music workshop. 

Audition Process

Part 1: Individual Audition (ALL STUDENTS)

Years 3, 4, 5, 6 - Live

Students will be invited to attend a live individual audition that includes the below requirements.

Each student is required to perform a prepared instrumental or vocal piece as a solo performance. Your individual audition will be examined as a performance. This piece and your choice of performance repertoire should allow you to demonstrate your musical ability.

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 - Video

Students are to submit a video of a solo performance. This performance can be in any style of music. It should be a polished performance which demonstrates the student’s skills and understanding. The video must also contain a brief discussion of the students experience and musical interest.

All Students:

  • The solo performance has a time limit of 5 minutes. Pieces that exceed the time limit will be cut short.
  • If you wish to demonstrate skills on two different instruments you must perform one piece on each instrument within the allocated 5-minute time limit.
  • All performances must be accompanied, unless written as a solo work. Students may use a backing track or live accompaniment.
  • Backing tracks must not include the auditioned part being performed by the student, for example a singer may not have the vocal melody doubled on the backing.
  • Live accompanist/s must not double the auditioning student's part.
  • For video auditions, the video needs to visually show the student and accompanists.
  • For video auditions, the video sound needs to be a balanced mix of the student and accompaniment.
  • For video auditions, the discussion component should be a brief response (2 minutes) to the discussion prompts provided in Audition Notification correspondence.
  • Video auditions must be submitted by the due date and should follow the instructions provided in Audition Notification correspondence.

The Part 1: Individual Audition will assess:

  • Technical skill, including pitch, rhythm, intonation and sound production.
  • Expression, including dynamics and instrument specific expressive techniques.
  • Musical and stylistic understanding.

Some students may be invited to present the same performance piece in a live audition. This will only be required if the audition panel cannot make an accurate assessment from the video submission and will occur on the same day as the live audition below.

Part 2: Group Workshop (60 minutes - All Year 3-6 students and SUCCESSFUL VIDEO STUDENTS from Year 7-11)

Years 3, 4, 5, 6 - Live

A music group workshop will be held within the same morning/afternoon session as the individual live audition. This workshop may include elements of all three performing arts skills but will focus primarily on student-generated performance in Music.

Students will be required to participate in group performance and composition activities incorporating speech, body percussion, singing, movement and improvisation. This is a fun and interactive session where students demonstrate their ability to learn new musical material, perform within an ensemble and creatively contribute to the group.

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 - Live

All students who are successful in the Part 1: Individual Audition (video) are invited to attend a live audition workshop.

Students will be advised the week prior to live audition week if they have been successful in Part 1: Individual Audition (video) and are required to attend Part 2: Group Workshop (live). Not all students will be successful and advance to Part 2: Group Workshop (live). Students who are unsuccessful will be provided with feedback to support improvement and success for future auditions.

This workshop may include aspects of all three performing arts but will focus primarily on musical skills and understanding.

Students will be led by Music Staff through a range of activities to assess:

  • Performance skills and potential, including beat, rhythm and melody.
  • Aural skills and potential, including echoing back a series of one bar rhythmic patterns (clapping) and one bar melodic patterns (singing).
  • Genuine interest, commitment and creativity.
  • Self-discipline, concentration, engagement and focus.
  • The ability to work collaboratively in a group situation.
  • The ability to learn new musical material.

Students should wear comfortable clothing which is easy to move in. This may include items such as track suits, T-shirts, jeans, sloppy-joes. Footwear should be joggers or comfortable shoes. Students should not audition in school uniform.

Changes to process
Changes may occur to the audition process above dependent upon circumstances out of our control at the time of auditions. Changes could include, but are not limited to, video submission and/or online live components. If and when required, details of changes will be communicated to applicants.

Performing Arts Curriculum Agreement
Upon accepting an offer of enrolment at our school, you acknowledge and accept our performing arts curriculum. Each new student in Years 3-8 is required to continue with their auditioned performing arts subject until Year 10, unless they successfully complete a change of line audition after two consecutive years of enrolment at HSPA. Students in Years 9-11 are expected to continue with their auditioned performing arts subject until Year 12. Students in Years 8-12 have the opportunity to study more than one performing arts subject. All students are expected to fully engage with ensemble and performing arts opportunities. Students not actively taking advantage of the performance and ensemble opportunities offered at HSPA may be required to seek enrolment at their local school, as their position at HSPA could be offered to students on our waiting list.