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Ms Deanna Holdsworth Careers Adviser

Weekly information

Yr 10, 11 and 12 receive a weekly Careers News via an announcement on the Canvas All Students homepage. Make sure Canvas Announcement Notifications are setup, so you don’t miss the opportunities and important information conatained in the Career News.

The Career News weekly announcement includes:

  • Youth Links - apprenticeships, traineeships and casual employment opportunities.
  • Careers News - summarised list of events from Universities, TAFE, Colleges and other providers.
  • Any other opportunity I’m contacted directly about to pass onto students. 


Opportunities provided to students as part of the HSPA Careers program

  • Careers lessons
  • Individual interviews
  • Guest speakers
  • Work experience
  • Excursions


Year 11 and 12 Support

Students can book Careers Meeting to discuss individual options including:

  • Pattern of study

  • University information (courses, application processes, scholarships, ATAR) 

  • TAFE applications

  • Employment including Apprenticeship & Traineeships

To make a booking, please use Canvas calendar bookings in the All Students page


Year 10 Support

Students attend five careers lessons per Term.  During Careers lessons important information is communicated, including: 

  • Work experience

  • Senior Subject Selection 

  • School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

  • School to Work Pathways – University, TAFE, Apprenticeships and Traineeships 

  • Sharing Mastery learning / Credentials with employers and university

Yr 10 students can find the information from Careers lessons on their Canvas – Careers Course 


Support for earlier year groups

Students and families in years 7 to 9 can contact the Careers Adviser at any time to arrange a meeting, should they require it.