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Assessment & Curriculum 7-12

All curriculum, assessment, feedback and learning information is located on HSPA Canvas. 

For all information pertaining to student learning, presented in a personalised manner, we strongly recommend that parents go to HSPA Canvas and then:

  • Review the Canvas Calendar - All tasks with a due date are included here. Assessment tasks are communicated by a GOLD STAR. Click on a task to see task requirements.
  • Review the When What How Pages for each Unit - These identify When, What and How learning activities will occur for each unit.
  • Review the Scope & Sequence - A one to two page overview of learning requirements and outcomes for the year.
  • View the Markbook - click on tasks to see teacher results, cohort analysis, rubric feedback, annotated feedback and written/audio/or video feedback from teacher.
  • Y7-10 - Click the Assessment Schedule button and review the Syllabus page for each course - This page identifies all tasks for the course and their due dates.
  • Y7-10 are moving toward a Mastery Learning approach to learning and assessment. Details of the HSPA Mastery Learning system can be found here.
  • Y11 & 12 - Click the Assessment Schedule button to review the Assessment Schedule for each course - This is a copmpliance document which provides information on task due dates, outcomes assessed and weightings.


Watch the 4 min video below for an overview of HSPA Canvas, how to navigate Canvas and Key aspects to monitor throughout the year.




Canvas Parent App

While the best way to view Canvas is on a full sized computer, if you're looking for a more streamlined, efficient way to monitor and support your students learning, the Canvas Parent App is a light version of Canvas. The Parent App provides an efficient view of your each student's calendar and announcements at a glance. See this page for more information on the app.

Available for both Android and Apple