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Sarah Reeves


music is important because it is abstract; it does not mean anything outside itself, it does not describe, narrate or tell stories ... music evokes, suggests, implies and music opens up the mind in an extraordinary way   Richard Gill

Faculty Goals

  • unlock the potential in each musician
  • develop each student’s creativity, confidence, sense of self and expression
  • provide positive musical experiences and create a sense of belonging
  • build life skills that will enable students to thrive beyond HSPA    


Stage 4

Y7 Mandatory Music

Y8 PA Music

Y8 PBL Elective Music

Stage 5

Y9 PA Music 200 hour

Y9 PBL Elective Music

Y10 PA Music 200 hour

Y10 PBL Elective Music

Stage 6

Preliminary Music 1

Preliminary Music 2

HSC Music 1

HSC Music 2

HSC Music Extension

Music Industry


Large Instrumental Ensembles

Junior & Senior Concert Band

Junior and Senior Stage Band

String Orchestra

Marching Band

Percussion Ensemble

Vocal Ensembles

Junior Choir

Senior Choir

Senior Vocal Ensemble

Small ensembles

Solo performance opportunities


recording Studio access and opportunities

computer technology utilised in the classroom

peripatetic tutor program

Staff Members

Sarah Reeve Head Teacher

Megan Bennett

Kylie Gardner

Joanne Gray

Glenyss Rae

Andrew Wallace