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Scholarships, Co-Curricula Charges and General Contributions

There are a variety of internal and external scholarship opportunities and fee assistance programs in place to ensure students from all backgrounds can access the outstanding opportunities on offer at Hunter School of the Performing Arts.

The button above outlines some of the major scholarship programs available for students in NSW. If you discover any others please forward details of them to our Administrative Office.

Hunter School of the Performing Arts provides students with the opportunity to  further enhance their performance skills through our highly expert co-curricular program.

Extensive opportunities for performance are provided in addition to the regular school curriculum in Dance, Drama and Music, throughout the school year. These include solo performances, class-devised work and group performance tasks showcased regularly to enhance talents and the exhibition of works. 

To ensure that the distinctive and extensive performing arts programs can operate at HSPA now and into the future, all students are required to pay an annual contribution towards the operation of these programs. 

All students must make an annual contribution to additional programs such as experts, teacher release, ensembles, venues, Reach tutors and programs, costuming, technical equipment and the maintenance of equipment.

Discounts will apply for the Perfoming Arts Co-Curricula contribution for Dance, Drama, Music & Primary  ONLY - this will be reflected on the Statement of Account.

  1. Eldest Sibling  to pay 100% of CO-CURRICULA contribution
  2. Second Sibling  to pay 90% of CO-CURRICULA contribution
  3. Third Sibling to pay 50% of CO-CURRICULA contribution
  4. Fourth Sibling or more to pay 25% of CO-CURRICULA contribution

Voluntary School Contribution (

We are excited to offer a school that is unique and stands alone as a fully selective performing arts campus. Our school operates under a user-pays system, that is, the school receives no government funding to operate the performing arts programs that are supplementary to the regular curriculum.

All students pay an annual contribution towards the operation of the school co-curricula programs to assist in covering various costs including staffing, expert/coaches, venues, some excursions, REACH program, facilities, equipment, and maintenance of equipment including the theatre.

Upon offer of a place in one of our performing arts specialist areas, fees must be paid on accepting a place at the school.

Each following year student fees are due in full by Week 10 Term 1. Payment plans can be arranged as required, please call the office for help. The performing arts co-curricula fees (both mandatory and optional) for your child's/children's specialty areas are non-refundable once enrolled.