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Learning Pattern

Each school day our students will follow regular bell times and participate in their classes online through Canvas Discussions or, for Y3 to Y5 students, Google Classroom.

Teachers will be online to facilitate learning, answer questions and provide feedback through these 'Discussions'. Students attending school will also follow along with these online lessons, from a home room.


For detailed information about HSPA’s Online Delivery, including daily organisation and tips for learning from home please read Protocols for Online Delivery and other resource links.

Email from Principal, Jo Gray, to Parents Monday 23 March 2020 4pm.

"Dear Students, Parents  and Caregivers

We have received clarity around school operations from tomorrow, Tuesday 24 March 2020.

From tomorrow, all lessons will be delivered online.

Students are strongly encouraged to stay home, however, students from families of essential services may still need to attend school. 

These students will be supervised to follow their online lessons. Students should go to their normal period one room.

Students at home will also be following their online lesson from home.

Teachers will be delivering online lessons to their timetabled classes.

No face to face lessons will occur.

The canteen will not operate from tomorrow. 

Please bear with us as we move into a very different kind of learning."



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