Hunter School of the Performing Arts


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Learning Support Team

The Principal, Deputy Principals and Head Teacher Welfare guide the Learning Support Team which includes:

  • Year Advisers
  • Support Teacher Learning Assistance
  • Teachers Aides
  • Itinerant Support
  • Counsellors/Psychologist
  • Head Teachers
  • Staff Mentors
  • Administration Support Staff


Year Advisers:

Ms Singh - Y7

Ms Scott - Y8

Ms Vimpani - Y9

Ms Miller - Y10

Mr Brown - Y11

Mrs Forbes - Y12

Deputy Principals:

Year 3 to Year 6  Mrs O'Neill

Y7  Y9  Y11  Ms Harvey-Bice

Y8  Y10  Y12  Mr Neale


Welfare Staff:

Mr J Matthews - HT Welfare

Mrs J Hardie - Careers Adviser

Ms Vanessa Ambrose - Careers Adviser

Mrs Marlene Tremain

Mr Raoul Dauwalder

Mrs Angela Booth

Mr P Aldrick - District Guidance Officer

Ms C Pratten - School Counsellor

Ms G Hussain - School Counsellor

Ms O Nesbitt - School Counsellor