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Learning Support

Year 12 Support

The University has partnered with InspirationED to bring a series of free webinars that are run by highly experienced HSC teachers and markers. They will cover the construction of exemplar responses, use critical analysis skills and give you the chance to ask any questions.

These webinars provide a gateway to unlocking academic success with expert insights and practical advice in the lead up to the HSC trial exams. Delving into effective study techniques, exam hacks, and strategies for excelling in the HSC and beyond.

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team at HSPA is led by the Principal, Deputy Principals and Head Teacher Wellbeing. They play a key role in meeting the specific needs of children. This team offers a range of support to our students including:

  • School transition programs
  • Intervention planning and learning support
  • Specific social skills programs

  • Identification and support for identified high potential and gifted students
  • Disability provisions

This team will:

  • Work with your child’s teachers to make sure your child’s additional learning and support needs are identified.
  • Work with the whole school community and other professionals to improve learning and wellbeing for all students.