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Illness and Misadventure Form

Years 7, 8 and 9

There is no requirement to formally submit any paperwork for illnesss and misadventure in years 7, 8 & 9.

If you are unable to submit a task on time due to illness or misadventure, please discuss your options with your classroom teacher. Preferably before the due date, or within 24 hours of returning to school if it is not possible to discuss prior to due date.

If you require further clarification after discussing with your classroom teacher, you should arrange a meeting with the faculty Head Teacher or Deputy Principal.




Years 10, 11 and 12

Stage 6 Assessment Procedure can be found here

Procedure for Online I&M Processing - for a SINGLE Subject.

Please note: if you are applying for more than one task, please complete one form for each subject. 

1.  Student and Primary Caregiver to complete the Online I&M SINGLE SUBECT form, found at the link below or via Canvas. This link can only be accessed with the students departmental login.

2.  Upon submission, the details of your application are automatically emailed to:

                a.        The Faculty Head teacher of the subject for which I&M is requested

                b.       Deputy Principal overseeing the subject for which I&M is requested

                c.       Your Primary Caregiver

                d.       Your Student Department of Education email address

3.  Upon receipt, the Head Teacher will:

                a.       Forward the I&M application to your classroom teacher

                b.       CC DP of your year group

4.  Your Classroom teacher then makes a recommendation to uphold or amend your I&M application. They send this to the Head Teacher and Deputy Principal

5.  The Head Teacher emails agreement of recommendations, or amendments to:

                a.       Student

                b.       Parent/caregiver

                c.       Classroom teacher

                d.       DP of year group

                e.       DP of subject

6.  If you have not received correspondence via email within 3 working days regarding your I&M application, please check ‘junk mail folders’, then contact the Deputy Principal for your Year Group


Application for Illness & Misadventure for a SINGLE Subject

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