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Illness and Misadventure Form

Procedure for Online I&M Processing - for a SINGLE Subject.

Please note: if you are applying for more than one task, please complete one form for each subject. If you are applying for ALL subjects, see form at bottom of this page.

1.  Student and Primary Caregiver complete the Online I&M SINGLE SUBECT form, found on HSPA website

2.  Upon submission, the details of your application are automatically emailed to:

                a.        The Faculty Head teacher of the subject for which I&M is requested

                b.       Deputy Principal overseeing the subject for which I&M is requested

                c.       Your Primary Caregiver

                d.       Your Student Department of Education email address

3.  Upon receipt, the Head Teacher will:

                a.       Forward the I&M application to your classroom teacher

                b.       CC DP of your year group

4.  Your Classroom teacher then makes a recommendation to uphold or amend your I&M application. They send this to the Head Teacher and Deputy Principal

5.  The Head Teacher emails agreement of recommendations, or amendments to:

                a.       Student

                b.       Parent/caregiver

                c.       Classroom teacher

                d.       DP of year group

                e.       DP of subject

6.  If you have not received correspondence via email within 3 working days regarding your I&M application, please check ‘junk mail folders’, then contact the Deputy Principal for your Year Group

Application for Illness & Misadventure for a SINGLE Subject


Procedure for Online I&M Processing  for ALL SUBJECTS

Please Note: The 'ALL SUBJECTS' form should only be submitted if you have been advised to do so by a Deputy Principal and wish to apply for I&M for every subject, for example Yearly Exams.

Please email the Deputy Principal who oversees your year group for authorisation and they will send you a link to the ALL SUBJECTS I&M form.

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