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learning another language expands our horizons as global citizens and prepares us for the dynamic world of the 21st century    

Faculty Goals

  • Develop knowledge, understanding and the skills necessary for effective interaction in the target language
  • Provide opportunities to explore the nature of languages by making comparisons between English and other languages
  • Develop knowledge of different cultures and an understanding of the interdependence of language and culture
  • Students express themselves and their performing arts via the target language
  • Provide opportunities for students to make meaningful connections with the wider world and to further develop ICT skills


Stage 4: Y7

Chinese: mandatory 100 hours

French: mandatory 100 hours

Italian: mandatory 100 hours

Stage 5: Y9 & Y10 

Chinese: 200 hour elective

French: 200 hour elective

Italian: 200 hour elective

Vocabulary and language structures are taught separately and culture and practices are included.

Stage 6: Y11 & 12 

Chinese: HSC Beginners course

French: HSC Beginners course

Italian: HSC Beginners course


  • Exploring culture
  • Performing arts
  • A range of ICT tasks
  • Relevant excursions
  • Listening to authentic material
  • Project & group work
  • Art, music, songs & literature
  • Cross curricular activities
  • Email pals


  • Overseas cultural and language trips
  • Film festivals & local excursions
  • Cooking & culture incursions
  • Friendship schools
  • Relevant competitions
  • Italian Choir
  • Language speaking morning classes
  • Liaison with University of Newcastle
  • Liaison with community groups

Staff Members & Email Links

At HSPA, we value the balance between work and personal time for our staff and families. As part of our commitment to wellbeing, we have set clear guidelines for digital communication. Please remember that our staff, as per Department of Education policy, will not be expected to respond to non-emergency communications outside of school hours, ensuring they have time to recharge and focus on providing the best educational experience for our students.

Hayley Vimpani HEAD TEACHER

Daniela Phillips

Ebony Rowe