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Vision and Values

Our vision 

HSPA is committed to providing a nurturing environment where the performing arts are a gateway to intellectual, human, social, and career development, ensuring a culturally safe and enriching atmosphere for lifelong creative and collaborative pursuits.

We are committed to empowering our students to thrive as multifaceted individuals who can critically analyse, reason, and think independently, fostering a deep appreciation for learning, curiosity, and creative expression, via a mastery learning approach to curriculum delivery.

Through a holistic approach that intertwines the arts with academic rigor, we aim to cultivate in every learner a strong sense of self-worth, personal initiative, cultural awareness, physical well-being, and social responsibility. Our curriculum is designed to inspire anappreciation of the arts, an understanding of our rich cultural heritage, and a recognition of the importance of health and social ethics. By preparing our students to navigate their career paths with confidence, we strive to instill effective work habits and the adaptability required in a dynamic workplace.

At HSPA, we believe in creating a supportive and challenging educational experience that nurtures outstanding individuals ready to contribute positively to society as thoughtful citizens, innovative artists, and visionary leaders.

Our motto 

Performing at Our Best. 


Our strategic directions 

  • Student Growth
  • Mastery Learning
  • Wellbeing


Our values 


  • Kindness, Listening, Manners, Empathy, Honesty


  • Organisation, Safety, Choices, Commitment


  • Participation, Focus, Effort, Punctuality