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Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong   John F Kennedy

Faculty Goals

  • provide engaging learning experiences around health and physical activity concepts
  • equip students with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about personal and community health and wellbeing and create lifelong learners who contribute to their communities in a positive way
  • encourage and promote participation in physical activity to establish lifelong participation in a range of sport, dance, recreation and leisure pursuits


Stage 4

Y7 PDHPE Course

Y8 PDHPE Course


Stage 5

Y9 PDHPE Course

Y10 PDHPE Course

Y9 PASS: Physical Activity and Sport Science

Y10 PASS: Physical Activity and Sport Science

Stage 6

Y11 & Y12 PDHPE Course

CAFS: Community and Family Studies

Exploring Early Childhood

Sports Coaching


A student-centered approach to learning, including a PBL focus in Stage 4 and ‘Collaborate Classrooms’ in Stage 5 PDHPE.

Additional recreation and leisure experiences in elective courses, including day trips to major sporting events and overnight camps.

Year 9 and Year 10 PASS students have the option to attend a 3 day/2 night ski trip in Term 3.

Involvement with community and charity groups across all Stage 6 courses.

Regular before and after school enrichment classes for Stage 6 PDHPE and CAFS students.

Strong connections with our primary department through PASS coaching option.

Sport Leadership Opportunities: official & coaching roles during lunch and scheduled sport

Representative Sport opportunities at school, zone, regional, state and national level.


passionate, experienced staff who understand the needs of performing arts students

consistent and effective use of the class communications platform, Canvas

promotion of student-centered learning: Y8 Healthy Snack Market, Y10 Taking Control Unit, Stage 5 Collaborative Classrooms

lessons that employ technology in relevant and exciting ways

NEW Y8 PBL Elective on becoming a better athlete

a range of formal qualifications, including First Aid certification through elective studies

Staff Members & Email Links

At HSPA, we value the balance between work and personal time for our staff and families. As part of our commitment to wellbeing, we have set clear guidelines for digital communication. Please remember that our staff, as per Department of Education policy, will not be expected to respond to non-emergency communications outside of school hours, ensuring they have time to recharge and focus on providing the best educational experience for our students.

Clemma Mansfield HEAD TEACHER Mon-Wed

Rachelle Hoskin REL HEAD TEACHER Th, Fr

Shannon Farrugia


Elly Pickles YR 8 ADVISOR

Natalie Skelly