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Assessment Schedules 7-10


Y7-10 Assessment Schedules are situated on the SYLLABUS page of each Canvas course.

The Syllabus page provides a linear, sequential view of assessment requirements for the entire year. Clicking on a task will take the user to a detailed view of task requirements.

 ⭐Gold Star Tasks indicate a formal assessment task. In this case an official HSPA Task Notification will be used. These notifications contain details such as:

  • Outcomes being assessed
  • Due dates
  • Time expected that the task will take
  • Whether the task should be completed at school, home or both
  • Submission requirements and instruction
  • Tips for preparation and revision
  • How feedback will be made available
  • The marking guide


Mastery Learning

During years 7 to 10, HSPA students should be approaching learning with a growth mindset. Marks and weightings are not applicable in year 7 to 10. 

Each subject has approximately 12 outcomes. For every outcome in every course, students should be aiming to 'level up'. This means if they should review the rubrics and discuss with their teachers, how they can move to the Mastery level of each outcome.

More information can be found on our Mastery Learning page.


Follow the instructions below to access the Syllabus page (Assessment Schedule), for each subject.



From the Canvas Dashboard - Click on any subject



From the course Home Page - Click on the 'Assessment Schedule' button




Overview of Syllabus/ Assessment Schedule page

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