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Drama Auditions

Students will be considered for a Drama placement at Hunter School of the Performing Arts through assessment of a Drama workshop and an individual audition. Auditionees should appreciate that Parts One and Two of the process may be reversed. This will be advised in writing with audition times as appropriate.


Why enrol at HSPA for Drama?


  • REACH - A period a week with industry professionals
  • Semester Showcase- Each semester all Drama students perform in the state of the art Hunter Theatre
  • Primary Production
  • Junior Production
  • Senior Production
  • Whole school musical
  • Starstruck
  • Sharp Short Festival- Playwrighting and performing competition
  • Sport for Jove Shakespeare Festival
  • Theatresports competition
  • Industry professional workshops
  • Interstate/International Drama excursions
  • Year 6-10 Drama Camp
  • Year 12 Drama Camp
  • Attendance at live theatre events



Audition Process

Part 1 - Drama Group Workshop (45 minutes)

A Drama group workshop will be held within the same morning/afternoon session as the individual audition.

This workshop may include elements of all three performing arts skills, but will focus primarily on student-generated performance in Drama.

Students will be led by Drama Staff through a range of drama games and activities to assess:

  • Commitment, Respect and Focus - when responding to direction;
  • Collaboration and Communication - accepting and negotiating ideas with others;
  • Creativity – willingness to take creative risks and use imagination;
  • Characterisation - Development and conviction of role and character;
  • Performance skills - physicality and movement dynamics, vocal ability and timing.


Part 2 - Individual Audition  (10 minutes)

The individual audition will be conducted by a panel chaired by at least two members of the Drama staff from Hunter School of the Performing Arts.

Students should present two monologues, of their own choice, in contrasting styles eg. comedy, drama, suspense, tragedy, melodrama. Each monologue should be no more than two (2) minutes in duration for Year 3-6 applicants or three (3) minutes in duration for Year 7-11 applicants. These monologues should be prepared in advance and dramatically interpreted. The performances should include movement, physicality, vocal variation and use of the performance space. No written support material of any kind is to be used during the audition. Costumes are not required nor recommended. Small props may be utilised if absolutely necessary. Students may also be asked to improvise a short scene.

The individual audition will assess:

  • Interpretation of piece, performance quality, creativity and imagination;
  • Movement skills, physicality, energy and use of space;
  • Vocal ability, projection, dynamics, tone and expression;
  • Focus, belief in role and self-discipline;
  • Complexity and subtlety of characterisation.



Students should wear comfortable clothing which is easy to move in. This may include items such as track suits, T-shirts, jeans, sloppy-joes. Footwear should be joggers or comfortable shoes. Students should not audition in school uniform or costume.



Changes may occur to the audition process above dependent upon COVID-19 health legislations in place at the time of auditions. Changes could include, but are not limited to, video submission and/or online live components. If and when required, details of changes will be communicated to applicants.


Performing Arts Curriculum

If made an offer of placement at our school it is our understanding that you acknowledge and accept our performing arts curriculum. Each new Year 3-8 student is required to follow through with his/her auditioned performing arts subject until at least Year 10. It is the strong expectation that new Year 9-11 students will follow through with their auditioned performing arts subject until Year 12.