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we dance, not to get to a certain place on the floor, but to enjoy each step along the way ... our students maximise their individual talents and capabilities for life long learning

Faculty Goals

  • to encourage and enable all students to enjoy learning, and to be self-motivated, reflective and competent learners
  • to enable students to develop positive self-concepts and their capacity to establish and maintain safe, healthy and rewarding lives
  • to provide opportunities for all students to express themselves through dance
  • to allow students the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of dance as an artform
  • to enable students to explore different pathways to success in dance by providing diverse programs/courses


Stage 4

Y7 Dance: Performing Arts Line

Y8 Dance: Performing Arts Line

Y8 Dance Production Elective PBL

Stage 5

Y9 Performing Arts Line 200 hrs

Y9 Dance Production Elective PBL 100 hrs

Y9 Classical Ballet 200 hrs

Y10 Performing Arts Line 200 hrs

Y10 Dance Production Elective PBL

Y10 Classical Ballet 200 hrs

Y10 Acceleration

Y9/Y10 Future Focussed Learning

Stage 6

Y11 Dance

Y11 Certificate 3 Assistant Dance Teaching 

Y12 Dance

Y12 Certificate 3 Assistant Dance Teaching


Dance Companies

Y7 Company

Junior Company Y8 & Y9

Intermediate Company Y9 & Y10

Senior Company Y10 & Y11

Junior Classical Company Y7 – Y8

Senior Classical  Company Y9 – Y11


State of Dance Performance

Hunter Schools Dance Festival

State Dance Festival

Star Struck

Lighthouse Dance – performance & audition

Y7 Dance Showcase

Schools Spectacular

State Dance Ensemble Performances

Site Specific Performances Y9

Y10 Cross Faculty Performance

Flashmob – Project Based Class work


Boys in Dance Workshops – for Primary students

Specialist dance workshops – Catapult Studios

Y7 - Y10 students devise workshops for students from other schools.

Special Features

Bi-annual tour to New York and Los Angeles.

Students have the opportunity to develop and enrich their knowledge and skills about dance as an artform through dance classes.

Students will have the opportunity to develop deeper understanding of dance appreciation and be able to apply their knowledge drawn from their experiences viewing and experiencing dance with a different cultural context.

Staff Members & Email Links

At HSPA, we value the balance between work and personal time for our staff and families. As part of our commitment to wellbeing, we have set clear guidelines for digital communication. Please remember that our staff, as per Department of Education policy, will not be expected to respond to non-emergency communications outside of school hours, ensuring they have time to recharge and focus on providing the best educational experience for our students.

Hayley Vimpani HEAD TEACHER

Vanessa Ambrose

Martinique Foley

Samantha Dyball