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Music Industry Auditions


Students will be considered for a Music Industry placement at Hunter School of the Performing Arts through assessment of an individual audition, an interview and a workshop. 

Audition Process

Part One ~ Individual Audition and Interview
The individual audition and interview will be conducted by a panel consisting of members of the Music and Music Industry staff.

This panel’s investigation will involve students presenting evidence of involvement and creativity in the Music Industry field and discussing their role. Students should present a portfolio of work/experience which provides evidence of work composed such as musical scores and recordings. The technical quality of the recording would not be assessed.

This individual audition and interview will also consist of students being given an unprepared task which relates directly to the Music Industry. Students will be required to develop musical ideas, such as a theme, to specific guidelines.

This individual audition and interview may take up to one hour duration and will assess:

  • ability to translate knowledge and understanding of performance requirements in their chosen field;
  • creativity and imagination;
  • concentration and focus.

Part Two ~ Group Workshop
A compulsory group workshop will be held in the same session as the above auditions. This workshop may include the appreciation elements of dance, drama and music, but will focus primarily on student knowledge and skills in the use of audio equipment and technology. The emphasis in the workshop is on creativity, teamwork, discipline, and the ability to closely follow instructions.

Students should wear comfortable clothing which is easy to move and sing/play in. This may include items such as track suits, T-shirts, jeans, sloppy-joes. Footwear should be joggers or comfortable shoes. Students should not audition in school uniform.

Changes may occur to the audition process above dependent upon COVID-19 health legislations in place at the time of auditions. Changes could include, but are not limited to, video submission and/or online live components. If and when required, details of changes will be communicated to applicants.

Performing Arts Curriculum
If made an offer of placement at our school it is our understanding that you acknowledge and accept our performing arts curriculum. It is the strong expectation that new Year 9-11 students will follow through with their auditioned performing arts subject until Year 12.