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Music Industry Auditions

Students will be considered for a Music Industry placement at Hunter School of the Performing Arts through assessment of auditon that includes a video submission, an individual interview and a music workshop. 

Audition Process

Part 1 – Portfolio Submission 

Student’s submit a portfolio containing evidence of involvement and experience in the Music Industry. It should include musical skills, industry experience and demonstrate specific areas of interest to the candidate. It may be presented in any digital format (PowerPoint, word document etc) and could include:

  • Performance experience – details of the event, music performed, and instruments played. Video footage, set lists or photographs may be used to provide evidence.

  • Original compositions – details of the process, instrumentation and any software used in the process. Audio recordings, score notation and screen shots may be used to provide evidence.

  • Audio Engineering experience – mixing, recording and PA set up. Give specific examples of equipment and software used.

  • Aspiration – outline your goals. What do you want to achieve in this course and in the future in the music industry.


Part 2 - Live Interview & Group Workshop

The individual interview will be conducted by a panel consisting of members of the Music and Music Industry staff.

Student’s will be required to discuss the evidence in their portfolio, expanding on their involvement and experience in the Music Industry field. During this interview, student’s will be given a composition activity which gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their individual skills and prior knowledge.

Students will be assessed on:

  • Music industry knowledge and interest

  • Collaborative skills

  • Work ethic

This workshop may include aspects of all three performing arts but will focus primarily on musical skills and understanding.

Year 3-11 students will be required to participate in group performance and composition activities incorporating speech, body percussion, singing, moving and improvisation. This is a fun and interactive session where students demonstrate their ability to learn new musical material, perform within an ensemble and creatively contribute to the group.

Students will be led by Music Staff through a range of activities to assess:

  • Performance skills and potential, including beat, rhythm and melody.

  • Aural skills and potential, including echoing back a series of one bar rhythmic patterns (clapping) and one bar melodic patterns (singing).

  • Genuine interest, commitment and creativity.

  • Self-discipline, concentration, engagement and focus.

  • The ability to work collaboratively in a group situation.

  • The ability to learn new musical material.

Students should wear comfortable clothing which is easy to move and sing/play in. This may include items such as track suits, T-shirts, jeans, sloppy-joes. Footwear should be joggers or comfortable shoes. Students should not audition in school uniform.

Changes to process

Changes may occur to the audition process above dependent upon circumstances out of our control at the time of auditions. Changes could include, but are not limited to, video submission and/or online live components. If and when required, details of changes will be communicated to applicants.

Performing Arts Curriculum
If made an offer of placement at our school it is our understanding that you acknowledge and accept our performing arts curriculum.