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Cassandra Portelli


learning Mathematics is fun, it forces your brain to grow -  maths education is about connecting with students and teaching real skills that are significant, engaging and meaningful    

Faculty Goals

  • make learning maths exciting and fun
  • maximise student learning and potential
  • flexible support for performing arts students
  • high achievement in a team environment


Stage 4

Y7 maths program in mixed ability classes

Y8 maths program two streamed classes

Y8 maths program mixed ability classes    

Stage 5

Y9 Elective MathsCAPS

Y9 Stage 5.2 Streamed Classes

Y9 Stage 5.2/5.3 Advanced

Y10 Stage 5.1/5.2 Intermediate

Y10 Stage 5.2/5.3 Advanced

Stage 6

Y11 Standard

Y11 Extension 1

Y11 Advanced

Y12 Standard

Y12 Extension 1

Y12 Extension 2

Y12 Advanced

Mathematics is not compulsory in Stage 6.


Maths CAPS: selected students

Australian Mathematics Competition

Colin Doyle Mathematics Competition Y11

Talented Mathematicians Program

Maths and Milo tutor program

Inquisitive Minds Y8 selected students

NSW Uni ICAS competitions - Primary

Maths Olympiad  - Primary


Maths and Milo tutoring is provided by Y10 tutors and pre-service teachers from 8am in F Block. Students should bring their homework or study. No booking required. Attendance on 5 occasions accrues a commendation for effort.

All students must have a calculator, they are available for $25 at the canteen.

Staff Members & Email Links

Cassandra Portelli HEAD TEACHER

Abe Chand

David Critchley

Ian Dunlop

Sharon Evans

Suzanne Maybury

Nic Too

Anna Williams WED THU FRI + MON B

Toni Wotherspoon