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Boost App

Did you know that turning in assignments on time is one of the top predictors of student success?

That’s why we’re making Boost available to help all of our students better manage their coursework and succeed.

Boost is a new solution that plugs directly into a student’s Canvas account to deliver customized assignment reminders that work. The Boost app is simple, personal, smart, and most importantly: effective.  Learn more about what Boost is, how it works and how to use it by watching this short video or visiting


See instructions below to quickly download Boost today!

Students who use Boost are proven to be 3% more likely to pass their class.

Additionally for students in the B-E range in a class, Boost users saw a 15% improvement in assignment submissions and a 10% increase in course score (that’s a full letter grade)!

This is the newest resource available to every student for free. Boost research shows that if you download Boost you will earn higher grades. Use the instructions below to download and start using Boost today.


What you need to do:

Download Boost! If you’re a parent, help your student download Boost to their smartphone (or on yours). If you’re a student, go ahead and follow the links below to download Boost.

You can download Boost for free directly from the App Store by following the links below. After you download Boost, you will select our school and sign in using your Canvas account. After that, you’ll get assignment notifications directly to your phone! You can watch a brief demo of Boost in action right here.


Download Boost from the Apple App Store

Download Boost from Google Play (Android App Store)


Notification Settings

This app automatically provides reminder notifications to students and parents BEFORE tasks are due. As with Canvas notifications, it is imperative that users take the time to customise their notification preferences, to ensure they are only receiving the notifications they need.