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Debating Teams

Debating is a higher order thinking skill which offers profound and lasting benefits for all students.

It focuses on effective communication, critical thinking,  independent research, teamwork and teaches skills that serve students well in all aspects of school life.

Students who can debate are better at critically examining and expressing a logical point of view.

Debating is an integral part of the Gifted and Talented Program at HSPA.

Our success in competitions is a direct reflection of the dedication and skills of our students.

Debating helps students to think logically whilst also promoting communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills in students.

Debating allows students to create connections to their knowledge and form logical persuasive arguments in a specific context, whilst also having fun.

Debating has strict rules of conduct and quite sophisticated arguing techniques and students will often be in a position where they will have to argue the opposite of what they believe.

Debate is the perfect platform for students to extend their analytical thinking skills.

Students are able to audition for all debating teams during Term One of the school year. Competitions include The Premier's Debating Challenge for Year 7 to Year 12.