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Daryl Sanson


science is simply the word we use to describe our method of organising the questions arising from our curiosity and the information of our observations

Faculty Goals

  • explain and develop enquiry based learning
  • introduce a range of  models, theories, laws, systems, structures and interactions to understand our world
  • explore and explain a variety of phenomena to make sense of the  biological, physical and technological world
  • science knowledge and its social and cultural context provides a basis for future choices and ethical decision making


Stage 4

Y7 Science

Y8 Science

Stage 5

Y8 Science

Y9 Science

Stage 6

Y11 Y12 Physics

Y11 Y12 Biology

Y11 Y12 Chemistry

Y11 Y12 Senior Science

Y11 Y12 Earth and Environmental Science


International Science Competition Y3-Y12

Snake Tails Y7

Luna Park Physics is Fun? Y9

Forensic Science Expo Y9

Science & Engineering Challenge Y10

Shortland Wetlands Centre Y11

Awabakal Field Studies Centre Y11

Hunter Envirothon Y11

Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor Y11

UNSW Museum of Human Disease Y12

HSC Experiment-Fest Y12

Staff Members

Daryl Sanson Head Teacher 

Alison Diskin

Lauren Furner

Aurelia Nowak

Emma Seccombe

Roshni Singh Y8 Adviser 

Abbie Storey