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Technical and Applied Studies

we have the chance to create and shape the future through revolutionary advances in design, materials and our ethical insights

Faculty Goals

  • utilise a wide variety of technology to make learning more engaging
  • provide industry aligned opportunities
  • deep learning through student engagement 
  • academically rigorous curriculum to prepare students for life and work in the 21st century through project based learning
  • opportunities to learn and engage with a diverse array of technologies
  • a focus on technologies that are specific to the performing arts industry
  • maximise opportunities for student choice of curriculum direction
  • promote knowledge and understanding of STEM concepts, careers and pathways


Stage 4: Y7 & Y8

Textiles Design

Industrial Design

Multimedia / STEM Design

Food Technology

Stage 5: Y9 & Y10

Child Studies

Design & Technology

Design & Tech: Staging Production Wardrobe

Food For Life (PBL)

Food Technology

Furniture Design (PBL)

Future Focused Inquiry

Industrial Technology Timber

Industrial Technology Multimedia

STEM: Science Technology Engineering Maths


Stage 6: Y11 & Y12

Design and Technology

Industrial Technology: Multimedia

Industrial Technology: Timber

Textiles and Design

Hospitality VET

Entertainment Industry VET


our students participate in a range of real world opportunities:

  • sound, lighting, event management and coordination for events ie Live @ Lunch, Bandwidth, school assemblies
  • set, costume, make-up, multimedia and program design for HSPA musicals
  • catering for many school and community events throughout the year
  • design and construction of real world products: furniture, learning spaces, and technology systems
  • design and construction of a range of multimedia products: documentaries, websites, promotional material


  • resources are industry aligned to the technologies of future workplaces
  • National Trade Training commercial kitchen
  • production suites with green screens, video cameras, wireless microphones, studio lighting
  • post production facilities & recording studio
  • STEM room: arduinos, lego robotics kits, coding resources and digital hardware technologies
  • maker spaces and woodwork shops
  • textiles workshop
  • computerised baby simulator

Staff Members

Doug Lambert Head Teach & VET Coordinator

Melissa Ainsworth

Bradley Brown Year 12 Adviser

Naomi Morrissey (W)

Helen Munday Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri

Mark Simmons Year 7 Advisor 2021

Eleanor Strong Year 7 Advisor

Darren Ponman Deputy Principal

Ben Peters Head Teacher Admin and Technology

Jim Bowman Theatre Manager

Effie Hense Kitchen Assistant

Dave Portelli Technology Support Officer