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PRIMARY Grandfiriends and Book Week

Grandfriends & Book Week

Wednesday 10th August

We are having a special celebration! It is combining several important special events and we would love for you to attend. We are inviting our Grandfriends to our school on Wednesday 10th August to help us celebrate Grandfriends Day, Book Week and Education Week, all in one!

Grandparents and other older adults can be very important people in children’s lives. Children feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they know that people in their extended family and community are interested in their education. Grandfriends Day recognises the importance of our heritage, our community, and relationships across generations. We understand that some children may not have grandparents, and that some grandparents will be unable to attend. We encourage these children to bring another special older adult, such as a family friend, or other relative like an aunt or uncle.

The day will champion the Education week message “Creating Futures- education changes lives” and will include a celebration of the Book Week theme ‘Dreaming with Eyes Open’. To celebrate Book Week, Primary students are encouraged to dress up as a character from a well-loved book for a gold coin donation.

Grandfriends are welcome to arrive via the Primary Gate from 11am and meet their student in the playground during recess.

During the day, Grandfriends will spend time in their Grandchild’s/Grandchildren’s classroom/s and visit the school Library for a book reading and a chance to purchase a special gift from the Book Fair.

Grandfriends can choose to bring a picnic lunch and rug to share with their grandchild/children if they please. To celebrate the joy of reading, we kindly ask that Grandfriends bring in a favorite book that they would like to read to their student.

The Book Week costume parade will then commence towards the end of lunch and special prizes will be given to students with outstanding costumes. We will farewell our Grandfriends at the end of lunch and Primary students will return to their regular classes.


Karen O'Neill